Falmouth Befriending

Falmouth Befriending

How much time does it take to change someone’s life?

We reckon on an hour a week.

That’s a pretty small fraction of your time – less than one percent in fact. And there’s not even much effort involved – we’re not asking for a great mental or physical effort. In fact, all we are hoping you will do is sit and talk to someone.

There are many old people in Falmouth and the surrounding areas who are isolated, housebound or feel cut off from the world. A Befriending Scheme has been set up by Falmouth Age Concern to recruit volunteers, of any age, who can spare an hour or so each week to visit, talk to(and listen to) a lonely person.

If you think you could spare a little of your time to make a huge difference then call us on 01326 313620.