First Fairtrade Town in Cornwall (2005)

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About Fairtrade Falmouth

In 2005 Falmouth Town Council embraced the fairtrade ethos by forming a partnership with local organisations and individuals to make Falmouth the first fairtrade town in Cornwall.

What is Fairtrade?
Fair Trade is an alternative approach to conventional international trade. It is a trading partnership which aims at sustainable development for excluded and disadvantaged producers. It seeks to do this by providing better trading conditions, by awareness raising and by campaigning.

a practical way for everyone to have a positive impact on global poverty.

Three Steps for you to Support Fairtrade:

  1. Buy it: whether its wine, chocolate, coffee, fruit, clothes etc look out for the fairtrade mark
  2. Talk about it: tell your friends and family to make sure they buy fairtrade goods too.
  3. Ask for it: if your usual shop does not stock fairtrade goods yet, then ask for them.



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