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Community Alive Falmouth
Community Alive Falmouth events supporting group networking

friends of penmere station
Group of friends who volunteer to maintain the gardens and platform at Penmere station Falmouth.

Fairtrade Falmouth
First Fairtrade Town in Cornwall (2005)

Transition Falmouth
Transition initiative for Falmouth.

Falmouth LETS
Local Exchange Trading Scheme for Falmouth

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open group / 4 members

Incredible Edible Penryn

Community project to grow fruit and vegetables all over town

open group / 2 members

Falmouth Fusion

Provides language and social support for people whose first language is not English

open group / 6 members

Falmouth Car Club co-op

Car Co-op available to members

open group / 9 members

Community Alive Falmouth

Community Alive Falmouth events supporting group networking

open group / 1 members

Falmouth Befriending

Falmouth Befriending, set up and run by Falmouth Age Concern, recruits volunteers, of all ages, who spare an hour or so each week to visit, talk to(and listen to) a lonely person.

open group / 10 members

Fal Energy Partnership

Partnership for an integrated energy plan for Falmouth and Penryn Community Network area.

open group / 4 members

Cafe Polyglot Falmouth

community group gathering weekly to practise languages at The Watersports centre, grove place from 7.30.

open group / 5 members

Falmouth and Penryn Community Plan (2009)

The purpose of the Falmouth and Penryn Community Plan was to set out the 15 year vision of the community and a shorter term action plan for the development of the towns and the services within them.

open group / 4 members

Kernow Credit Union Ltd

Kernow Credit Union Ltd is open to anyone living and /or working in Cornwall.

open group / 6 members

The Poly

The mission of the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society is to promote innovation in the arts and sciences, with particular focus on the county of Cornwall.