The Jam is part of a global event taking place simultaneously in over 50 locations worldwide!

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Falmouth Sustainability Jam

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Join us at Tremough on Friday November 2nd for 48 hours of fun and creativity in this energetic, global, face-to-face event. Are you ready for a challenge? Want to develop and implement creative ideas? Chase a crazy deadline at the same time?

We're delighted to bring this year's event to Cornwall which has traditionally been very design focussed. Our strength and uniqueness will be the diversity of our team - you might be an artist, geographer, scientist, a business person, sustainability expert, unemployed, a teacher, a hacker, a maker, a cook, an artist, a mum, a grandpa or a kid - we need you!

What’s in it for me?
    •    Learn more about a design-based approach to problems, and about sustainability
    •    Pick up a load of new ideas and work practices
    •    Meet a lot of cool people at all levels of experience
    •    Share and review ideas
    •    Create something that might make a real difference
    •    You might get rich and famous
    •    You will certainly have a blast

When and where?
Join us in the new Exchange building on Tremough campus, next to the library. We will meet at 5pm on Friday November 2nd, to receive our task and form working groups. We then have 48 hours to create and share our ideas with the world.

48 hours of sharing and prototyping ideas.
48 hours to come up with real world solutions to everyday problems.
48 hours of doing, not talking.

How much?
The Falmouth Sustainability Jam is absolutely free!

Want to know more?
Visit our blog and register at
Or email


Brief description: The Jam is part of a global event taking place simultaneously in over 50 locations worldwide!

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