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Expressions of interest requested

2869 days ago

Ok, so I have begun this group to see if there is anyone else interested in lowering their transport costs and joining a car-club.

The club would own, service, tax and insure the vehicle and make the vehicle available to mambers.

All we need is about 20 people and a safe car park., ideally within 100 meters from me! (or you).

As i do less than 2000 miles per year at present, this would make a substantial saving in my running cost.

See for encouraging facts and ideas.

Post your interest here and we can discuss it.


2803 days ago

I need a small run-around...

Can we go EV?


2802 days ago

Hello Caroline,

certainly prefer to move to a EV if available, although start-up costs are disproportionately expensive, running costs are less. The expected use for me would certainly be within EV ranges - probably less than 50miles in one trip, so if there was support I'd be keen.

My contact for this idea is with Co-cars Exeter who offer to provide the vehicle and associated costs. Would have to officially involve them in the discussion to get an opinion.


2800 days ago

Example of initative in Llani, Wales: