Surviving and Thriving week 2: press release

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Press Release         10/02/2012

‘Dropin Friday’ 10th Feb was focussed on food:  not enough, food waste, local versus global, grow your own, energy efficient cooking and enjoying eating etc.

Information was available on…

The Food Bank: A representative from The Food Bank was present to explain how the Food Bank works and how many have been helped in the past 12months.  Foodbank vouchers can be obtained locally and now additionally Falmouth One Stop Shop.  The volunteer said “This afternoon there was quite a bit of interest and the opportunity to help some in need.  There is still a need for public awareness and publicity”.  As part of its activities The Food Bank helps people to sort out the problems that have led to their vulnerability.

‘TUMS’ Falmouth Food Co-op is open to new members for bulk buying dry ingredients. Contact:  01326 317587

DCFA – Devon and Cornwall Food Association volunteers give the produce for free to community organisations which support disadvantaged people.     In its first year the DCFA has prevented around 13,000 litres of milk, large quantities of cream, bread, dozens of turkeys and pheasants from ending up in landfill.   This saved well over £10,000 for about 15 local charitable groups.   ‘Pasta Pesto challenge’ is also raising funds by suggesting a nourishing pasta pesto meal to replace a more expensive meal.   

Community Café’s:
•    Draceana Centre:    Community Café: Cheap and tasty: Wednesday mornings 10:00 to 1:00 full breakfast.    New from 24th Feb:  Friday lunchtimes 12:00 to 2:00 full lunch. 
•    The Salvation Army has lunches on Tuesdays and Thursday for the mature in years.

Energy Efficiency:
•    Continuing the theme of energy efficiency started last week Transition Falmouth had a leaflet guide to energy efficient cooking.  
•    A new booklet on ‘How to save money on your energy bills’ was also available.
•    There was also an activity to help create a new logo for Fal Energy Partnership using seeds.

Buying local:
•    Farmers Markets:  Tuesday mornings on The Moor.
•    Some local shops actively favour local growing.
•    Food Boxes that deliver to your home and buy locally grown.
Growing Local:
•    Community Supported Agriculture is an initiative to help support local farmers -  currently we don not have any locally but coming our way and more information from..
•    The Soil Association, Garden Organic, Cornwall Waste Action and The Permaculture Association all offer advice on ‘grow your own’.
•    Seed Swap: there was the first ‘seed swap’ of the year also on the next 3 Fridays. So come and bring your surplus plants and seeds or advice to kickstart your own fruit and veg growing.

Free Shared Food Feasts:
•    Last year there were regular gatherings in The WI where people brought food and skills to share – who would like to help restart them?
•    St Piran’s Feast 5th March, as part of 2012 celebrations - Community Alive are holding a free food share at Falmouth Methodist, 11:00 to 1:00pm.

Discussion took place with visitors on many food subjects including:
•    Local community cafes – how about ‘The café equivalent of Charity Shops’.
•    Local growing and the need for more Allotment sites closer to town.
•    Local food purchase and how we can support our town centre.
•    Refreezing food (new supermarket recommendations).
•    Favourite nourishing food and comfort food.
•    Basic food skills, cooking and planning.
•    How to get rid of slugs.
•    Handouts and peer pressure.
•    Local and fair trade.


Surviving and Thriving in 2012:   A programme of events and exhibitions to assist a healthy, wealthy and wise 2012. With information and inspiration about issues on poverty, wealth and fairness for our local community.

Notes for editors: 
Community Alive Falmouth (CAF) is an informal network of local community organisations and individuals committed to supporting each other and celebrating our rich diverse community.
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