Friends of Penmere Missing Plants

July 30, 2011 by janet   Comments (0)

After much hard work put in by The Friends on Thursday 21st July tidying and strimming ready for Britain In Bloom Judging on 23rd, it was discovered on Friday 22nd that a lot of plants had been removed from the platform planter.It was looking really pretty when The Friends left Thursday afternoon so it was a great shock to see a lot of empty spaces where a great show of marigolds had been.Fortunately we were able to rearrange plants to fill in the gaps and we have to hope the judges the following morning looked favourably on us.Hopefully this is an isolated incident. Geoff a local gardener who lives in Theydon Road heard of our plight and kindly donated a tray of plants and we are very grateful to him.

Summer is in full swing now so if you get the chance, pop along to Penmere Station,sit on one of the benches and enjoy the planting which is looking great,if we say so ourselves..