Press Release: Community Alive Falmouth at The Poly. May 2011.

May 23, 2011 by lorely lloyd   Comments (0)

On Saturday 21st May Falmouth Alive and The Poly partnership hosted a colourful, artistic and informative day for the people of Falmouth.

Arts for Health produced a beautiful collaborative display with participants which will be added to and displayed in different locations in the next few months.

A wealth of information was available on local community organisations and the visitors added further info to the interactive website about the activities available. The Falmouth Alive Team were really pleased with the public's help as they are preparing to invite local groups to ‘The Big Debate’ in the autumn.

The F&P Community Plan Team helped to kick start the public input for The 2011 Falmouth Charter. The original Charter of 1661 is to be updated by making ’10 Commitments’ for the next 50 years for Falmouth. The Falmouth Alive Team will be holding a free Paupers’ Feast as part of the Falmouth 350 celebrations in October.

Young people raised the roof on The Poly stage while practising theatre skills with The Poly team who are keen to carry out similar events in the future.

In the afternoon a large group of Energy specialists with members of local Transition groups, were joined by other interested locals to help launch an active forum to increase energy wealth for Falmouth. Two students are to spend their summer creating a report to support increasing local energy efficiency and renewable energy production. Lorely Lloyd from Transition Falmouth said “This project comes from the community so your help is needed, please contact or 01326 317587”.