Invitation to Community Alive Falmouth: Year 2

February 23, 2011 by lorely lloyd   Comments (0)


Saturday 21st May 2011 sees the second annual community Networking event, held this year at the Poly, 10am - 4pm, to celebrate all that Falmouth has to offer.

The 2010 event was focussed on collating an up to date database of all community and voluntary groups in the area and the website was launched as an interactive portal.   The event consisted of Free entertainment, information and food.

This year, 2011, we are dedicating the event to Energy issues – from Anaerobic Digesters to Befriending Schemes, from Electric Cars to Dance Groups etc.   Whether energy for power, inspiration or support we wish to celebrate what Falmouth has to offer from organisations, businesses and individuals.

We are hoping that you may be interested in joining us to promote your activities and make partnerships.

We are hoping organisations attending will have activities to engage the public ie games, demonstrations or workshops.

As it is a community based and totally free event we are requesting that all organisations have promotional literature but no selling or raising funds.   We wish to show how much we all have to offer each other and the community of Falmouth.

Community Alive Falmouth: Networking and celebrating Falmouth’s Community… 

Falmouth Community Alive is a loose association of organisations, clubs and groups brought together to exchange ideas, share resources, support each other and generally to celebrate being together.   We started with a Community Alive day last May out of which grew our website where you can see a visual report here