Fairtransport talk – Thursday October 24th

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Fairtransport message comes to the UK. Captain of emission free cargo vessel is coming to London, Falmouth and Bristol.


Transition Falmouth and Fairtrade Falmouth are pleased to be hosting the event at Miss Peapods Cafe, Penryn on Thursday 24th October from 8pm. Entry by donation.

(Press release from FairTransport follows):

Fairtransport Shipping B.V.
Contact: Elise Kossen
Phone: +31 (0)223-683 516
Email: info@fairtransport.nl

Fairtransport message comes to the UK

Captain of emission free cargo vessel is coming to London, Falmouth and Bristol

As part of a promotional tour for clean transport, the Dutch activist, entrepreneur and captain, Jorne Langelaan, is coming to the UK. He will be speaking in: London, Bonnington Centre Community Association, 11 Vauxhall Grove, on Monday, October 21st beginning at 7 p.m. and in Falmouth in Miss Peapods Cafe at the Jubilee Wharf, Penryn, Cornwall, the 24th of October 2013 beginning at 8 pm.

How 16 ships create as much pollution as all the cars in the world

You will hear the story of the enormous amounts of emissions caused by modern sea transport, thousands of deaths in Britain alone. 90% of all goods are transported by ship. There are 100.000 ships trading in the world. Yearly CO2 emissions of shipping are twice as much as being emitted by the aviation industry.

Solution by Fairtransport

This talk will guide you towards a variety of solutions for the problem of growing pollution by ships’ emissions. A combination of local produce and wind-powered shipping might well be holding the key. Two different scenarios will be discussed.

Tres Hombres, crossing the ocean, without engine!

 Sailing cargo ship Tres Hombres seen from the Opall Large

Sailing cargo ship Tres Hombres seen from the Opall Large

After a thorough refit, the sailing cargo vessel Tres Hombres has just started her ninth ocean crossing, in search to bring back a rich cargo of foreign goods. You will hear about the thrilling adventures, like a full gale on the Atlantic ocean. And escaping from the reefs in the Dominican Republic…

About Captain Jorne Langelaan

 Captain Jorne Langelaan

Captain Jorne Langelaan

Jorne is a passionate speaker who speaks to the mind and heart of the audience. He went to sea, at his twelfth year, in the coaster of his uncle, running fertilizer from the Netherlands to the Baltic in wintertime. Since that time he has been involved with ships and shipping, from apprentice to master, running cargo, both in sail and engine driven vessels. Building, refitting and managing several vessels, he holds a certificate of the dutch cargobrokers association and was one of the founders of Fairtransport. In the Netherlands he is a renowned personality, he has given lectures for a variety of audiences including businesses, universities and TEDx Amsterdam.

For more information: Fairtransport website: www.fairtransport.eu
Tres Hombres website: www.svtreshombres.com