Press release for Community Alive Falmouth’s Free Cake Feast at St Piran’s Celebrations.

March 6, 2012 by lorely lloyd   Comments (0)


As part of the celebrations for St Pirans Day - Community Alive Falmouth volunteers donned their aprons and went into a marathon cake cooking session. Topped up with more saffon and hevva cake they served approx 200 locals - including the school students who were part of the parade.


Falmouth Methodist Church hosted the Community Alive activities and Deacon Michelle Legumi who also served cake was “really pleased that the free cake feast added to the celebrations of the day and brought a smile to people’s faces”.


To the classic saffron and hevva cake were added rockbuns, and scones and clotted cream; also tastings of Falmouth Friendship cake  - this is based on a mix of ingredients that are allowed to ferment and then be shared among friends to start new batches and make more cakes to pass on.  CAF would like to see the cake mix moving around the community of Falmouth and making new friends.  For the recipe and more information please see


Global Fairtrade issues were also added to the local theme by using as many fairtrade goods in the homemade cakes.  St Piran’s Day falls within Fairtrade Fortnight certainly an excellent combination of local and global loyalty and inspiration.  


Community Alive Falmouth (CAF) is an informal network of local community organisations committed to supporting each other and celebrating the local, rich, diverse community.



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