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FEP and Dracaena Centre Centre crowdfunding bid - please pledge, share and support

July 5, 2018 by admin   Comments (0)

Please click to view crowdfunding page and support Fal Energy Partnership and the Dracaena Centre in their bid to win funding for locally owned and led clean energy

Falmouth Town council acquire former Post Office

September 9, 2014 by admin   Comments (0)

Great news from Falmouth Town Council’s website – this will be welcomed by all local organisations looking for much needed affordable meeting space, as well as by former members of Falmouth One, an organisation active in trying to acquire the Post Office for community use from 2002 to 2005.

Following community consultations around the future delivery of Council services from The Moor, and the community’s request for more meeting space, Falmouth Town Council have taken the... Read full post

May 5th on The Moor : 'Connect the Dots' Day

April 30, 2012 by lorely lloyd   Comments (0)

May 5th  on The Moor : 'Connect the Dots'.Sat May 5th is Climate Impacts Day for  with activities globally entitled 'Connect The Dots'.   In Falmouth we will have a stall for Community Alive Falmouth on The Moor with information about local groups etc plus Fal Energy Partnership Energy Packs.  10:00 to 3:00.Anyone with some time to help please contact Lorely on 01326 317587 or

Press release for Community Alive Falmouth’s Free Cake Feast at St Piran’s Celebrations.

March 6, 2012 by lorely lloyd   Comments (0)

As part of the celebrations for St Pirans Day - Community Alive Falmouth volunteers donned their aprons and went into a marathon cake cooking session. Topped up with more saffon and hevva cake they served approx 200 locals - including the school students who were part of the parade.
Falmouth Methodist Church hosted the Community Alive activities and Deacon Michelle Legumi who also served cake was “really pleased that the free cake feast added to the celebrations of the... Read full post

Surviving and Thriving week 2: press release

February 13, 2012 by lorely lloyd   Comments (0)

Press Release         10/02/2012
‘Dropin Friday’ 10th Feb was focussed on food:  not enough, food waste, local versus global, grow your own, energy efficient cooking and enjoying eating etc.
Information was available on…
The Food Bank: A representative from The Food Bank was present to explain how the Food Bank works and how many have been helped in the past 12months.  Foodbank vouchers can be obtained locally and... Read full post

Surviving and Thriving press release week one: Fuel.

February 8, 2012 by lorely lloyd   Comments (0)

Surviving and Thriving press release week one: Fuel.
Hi all Here is the press release for the first week of Community Alive Falmouth's Surviving and Thriving in 2012. I hope it gives a flavour of what is happening in Library Foyer please visit us this Friday 10th for Food Issues   cheers Lorely.     .....................Friday 3rd Feb saw the first 'drop-in' for Surviving and Thriving' in the Falmouth Library Foyer.Dedicated to energy and fuel issues this week,... Read full post

Surviving and Thriving Exhibition and 'DropIns'

January 22, 2012 by lorely lloyd   Comments (0)

Community Alive Falmouth.
Surviving and Thriving in 2012
A programme of events and exhibitions to assist a healthy, wealthy and wise 2012 with information and inspiration about issues on poverty, wealth and fairness.
Community Alive Falmouth organisations are promoting the message that - though we are in ‘difficult times’ we can, together, offer information, inspiration and support to stretch the pounds in our pockets and increase community capital. 
The six weeks... Read full post

Community Alive Falmouth: Surviving and Thriving in 2012

January 15, 2012 by lorely lloyd   Comments (0)

'Surviving and Thriving in 2012' Six week programme of info and activities: themes of Finance, Food, Fuel, Friends and Fun, and Fairness. Underpinning values - all inclusive, accessible, sharing, local and global. The following notes are an amalgam of 2 meetings - Community Alive Falmouth on Wednesday and Poverty Forum on Thursday. Community Alive Falmouth Mtg 11th Jan 2012 10:00am at Falmouth Council Chambers Present: Amy (Walker), Mary (May), Caroline, Rachel, Rob, Mary (Bradley), Glynn,... Read full post

Cornwall Core Strategy Consultation

January 6, 2012 by lorely lloyd   Comments (0)

Please note the new consultation on Cornwall Core Strategy starting next week. Documents available: Monday 9 January
Mini exhibitions of proposals: Thursday 12 January (Falmouth Town Hall) or Thursday 19 January (Penryn Town Hall) between 12:00 and 19:00 Consultations close: 9 March

Planning meeting for Poverty/Wealth issues

January 5, 2012 by lorely lloyd   Comments (0)

Meeting for Poverty/Wealth Issues 6 week programme of activities To start the new year please note the following meeting: Wed 11th Jan  10:00am   Falmouth Council Chambers. It is to plan a Six week programme of information and inspiration on issues around poverty and wealth.Tentative title........ 'Forward to Basics'.Start end of Jan - Six week programme of info and activities - basic living needs and initiatives to reduce poverty of     food,... Read full post