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Falmouth Public meeting feedback

4059 days ago


CC car club Meeting Falmouth Report


Although numbers attending were small the Chief Executive of the NGO  gave us a clear summary of what a carclub could do and how it might work. See group file ‘CarPlus presentation’.

See also the survey results  in group file ‘ FalCarClub –Survey Results’.

( The Survey was very useful to establish the level of interest here, and we sent the detail of the survey to the organisers later.)

At the meeting the two organisers Chas Ball (CarPlus) and Karen?? (Cornwall Council) explained their roles and the intentions of CC in holding this meeting.

Simply put they intend to report to CC about the viability establishing Car Clubs in three areas, Falmouth, Truro and Wadebridge.

They see CC helping to set up these clubs , and for independent operation developing over time.

They are considering a part-time worker who could  encourage communities into the beginning stages.

They are not pre-determining the shape of these clubs, but see CC as a necessary partner in them to establish the viability, possibly with council workers using them as well.

They consider its essential to have a “champion” in the political sphere and considered several possibilities.

We raised the idea of Electric cars, which were seen as part of the future development rather than initial setting up vehicles, because without the charging network in place it could be restrictive to users.


Since this meeting they emailed back to us saying…


Over the next month we will continue to engage in dialogue with stakeholders as part of the process of developing a draft report for the Council that will reflect the findings of the meetings and consultation responses that we've received. We will make recommendations on the areas where we think the network of car clubs could initially be developed and the operational structures that would best suit the development of a car club in each location. We will also be looking at the strategic importance of having a degree of involvement of major employers like Cornwall Council and Cornwall Housing as well as exploring synergy with the community car scheme. Our report will also outline the timescale for implementation of the car clubs and provide a plan for future consultation with members of the public, local businesses, NHS and the Council.


We will keep you updated by email and will let you know when there are opportunities for you to participate further in the project.”


I expect we’ll hear from them in November before the report is finalised, so keep watching and make your comments known then.


Fingers crossed