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Cornwall Council Car Club

4087 days ago

CC is running a meeting to establish the level of benefit to be gained by supporting a Car Club in Falmouth.

They have 3 years funding to support an independent Car Club of both / either business and public members.

The meeting is in  the Falmouth Council Chamber at 7.30pm on the 2nd October (same time as FEP meeting).


Carplus Trust
4087 days ago

Further information on the public meeting in Falmouth and the Council's car club plans is available here -

If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to register your interest, please complete the short survey on our website here -

4050 days ago

The Truro club is moving ahead, and the organiser CarPlus has released the following press statement.

If anyone from Falmouth is able to attend it would be great to get a report.

And perhaps there may be some crossover possibel?

"Meeting discuss the plans for implementing a Car Club in Truro – 6th November
A meeting to consider the plans for a car club in Truro will take place on Tuesday 6 November at 7.30 pm at the Pearson Room, Old Bridge Street, Truro TR1 2AH.
Chas Ball, Chief Executive of Carplus, will facilitate the meeting which has been called to explore the options for implementing the car club strategy for Truro, following a successful public meeting in October. The meeting is hosted by Transition Truro.
The key points for discussion include choice of parking locations, types of vehicle, possible links to other transport modes and costs.
Run successfully in other areas of the country, car clubs give access to a shared vehicle without having to own one. Members can book a conveniently located, self-service car on the internet, or by phone and pay by the hour (or day).
Note for editors - further information
Further information on car clubs can be found on the sustainable transport section of Cornwall Council’s website ( If you would like to know more about the plan for Cornwall, please visit the Carplus website (
Carplus, the NGO that supports the development of car clubs, is working with Cornwall Council to look at how car clubs could work in Cornwall, where there is sufficient demand for such a service, and how to establish a viable scheme with good prospects of self-financing long term.
For more information:  contact Chas Ball or Amy Clancy on 0113 234 9299 or Chas Ball on 07970 666146"