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Networking and celebrating Falmouth's Community...

We are an informal association of organisations, clubs and groups brought together to exchange ideas, share resources, support each other and generally to celebrate being part of Falmouth's Community.

Community groups and projects in and around Falmouth are most welcome to join us and are encouraged to create their own mini-websites here - see groups for complete list.

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open group / 9 members

Community Alive Falmouth

Community Alive Falmouth events supporting group networking

open group / 5 members

friends of penmere station

Group of friends who volunteer to maintain the gardens and platform at Penmere station Falmouth.

open group / 4 members

Fairtrade Falmouth

First Fairtrade Town in Cornwall (2005)

open group / 9 members

Transition Falmouth

Transition initiative for Falmouth.

open group / 7 members

Falmouth LETS

Local Exchange Trading Scheme for Falmouth

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open group / 4 members

Incredible Edible Penryn

Community project to grow fruit and vegetables all over town

open group / 5 members

Falmouth Sustainability Jam

The Jam is part of a global event taking place simultaneously in over 50 locations worldwide!

open group / 1 members

Falmouth Recovery Support

Here to support you towards your recovery

open group / 2 members

Falmouth Fusion

Provides language and social support for people whose first language is not English


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